WD would not respond to our inquiries concerning its self-cleaning SanDisk SSDs

SanDisk SSD

Eleven days prior, we sent these inquiries to Western Computerized’s head of PR and distributed them openly Almost there:

For what reason are these drives still discounted?
Will you offer free information recuperation administrations to impacted clients? When?
Might it be said that you are proactively cautioning clients and retailers who have previously bought these drives that critical information misfortune is conceivable?
If not, no difference either way.
What, precisely, is turning out badly with these drives?
How did this occur?

What’s the quarrel? For a really long time, the organization has been bizarrely quiet about how its expensive compact SanDisk Outrageous SSDs could lose every one of your information. It happened to my partner Vjeran Pavic two times. It happened to Ars Technica. It happened to PetaPixel.

Months after our requests, Western Computerized keeps on offering these drives because of profound limits, counterfeit Amazon surveys, and issues with Google Search that rank great outcomes far higher than alerts about possible disappointments.

We have now gotten a reaction from Western Computerized head of PR Robin Schultz, yet nothing about the organization’s position has changed. Schultz over and over wouldn’t respond to any of our inquiries. Her assertion doesn’t actually contain an affirmation of the issue and has no particular course of events for any genuine responses.

The main explanation we’re printing Western Advanced’s articulation is so you can see it for yourself:

In light of late reports of worries about unambiguous Western Advanced compact SSD items, we need to guarantee our esteemed clients that we are going to all lengths important to address any item related issues. We comprehend the meaning of our items to our clients and we view these issues exceptionally in a serious way. We are leading an extensive survey to acquire an intensive comprehension of the issues.

In the wake of getting the assertion, we found out if Western Advanced would address our inquiries. Each time, she diverted. She additionally wouldn’t give any thought of when the organization could share its decisions — if at any point.

There is one potential explanation Western Computerized is at long last making some noise but saying nothing: the organization just got sued. As The Register reports, California occupant Nathan Krum has recorded an imminent legal claim, refering to break of agreement, false and out of line strategic policies, and numerous different cases. Krum is suing over both the SanDisk Outrageous drive itself and harms for any information lost. You can peruse the full grievance at the lower part of this story.

What’s more, that is simply claim number one: Ars Technica reports there are two more. Three SanDisk SSD claims altogether, each looking for class-activity status for similar disappointments.

Western Computerized was at that point constrained into a class activity settlement over a past problematic practice: in 2020, the organization audaciously attempted to sneak SMR crashes into its “WD Red” arrangement promoted for network-appended capacity gadgets. The organization paid $5.7 million to settle those cases.

The organization’s stunts didn’t end there: Western Computerized’s NAS circles have begun setting off alerts regardless of whether nothing bad can be said about a drive, apparently to terrify individuals into purchasing new ones essentially following three years have gone by.

I will not be purchasing a Western Computerized or SanDisk item at any point in the near future.

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