BEL BEVERAGES use same machines used to produce Alcoholic Beverages to Produce Water and Soft Drinks – Muslims concern and Public Health

Press Release – January 26, 2024

GMSA Hall, National Chief Imam’s Conference Hall, Kanda Good day fellow Ghanaians, Chiefs, respected clerics, our Imams, opinion leaders, friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome all of you to the national most humble, specifically, the GMSA Hall.

In a critical press conference held at the Jilsa Hall, the Concerned Muslim Chiefs of Ghana voiced their apprehensions regarding the beverage company, Bel Aqua Company, Ghana Limited, producers of Bel products. The Concerned Muslim Youth expressed concerns over the potential threat to public health and religious standards posed by Bel Aqua’s manufacturing practices.

The key issues addressed include Bel Aqua’s alleged use of the same production line for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, without adhering to the religious requirements of their Muslim consumers and halal standards.

Additionally, the organization raised concerns about the company’s use of children under 18 years in their advertising and promotional campaigns, citing it as a violation of ethical standards and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.

Concerns Raised:

1. Dual-use Production Line: The Concerned Muslim Youth strongly disapproves of Bel Aqua using the same production line for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, neglecting the halal guidelines and standards.

2. Involvement of Children in Advertising: The organization condemns Bel Aqua’s use of children in promotional campaigns for alcoholic beverages, deeming it a violation of children’s rights and ethical standards.

Call to Action: The Concerned Muslim Chiefs of Ghana called upon the FDA, government, and other regulatory agencies to urgently investigate these allegations and provide transparent findings to the public. They emphasized the importance of ensuring the halal status of products and protecting the rights of children in adherence to religious and ethical principles.

The Concerned Muslim Organization’s Mandate: Highlighting their role as a civil society organization, the Concerned Muslim Organization reiterated its mandate to serve as a mouthpiece, championing public health and the general well-being of Ghanaian Muslims against business interests and threats.

Conclusion and Appeal: In conclusion, the Concerned Muslim Youth urged regulatory institutions, including Allah institutions under the office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana, to investigate and address these religious violations promptly. They also stressed the promotion of tolerance and interfaith harmony among all religions in Ghana.

To watch the complete press conference and understand the Concerned Muslim Youth’s perspective in their own words, please follow the link below.

This important address took place on Friday, January 26, 2024, at the Conference Hall of the National Chief Imam – National Mosque, Kanda. May Allah bless our homeland Ghana.

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